This well known area is located at the entrance to the Gulf of Aqaba and is accessible to divers only by boat. With four coral reefs lined up in a row from North to South the area offers some of the most impressive diving in the Red Sea. Each reef takes its name from one of the four British cartographers who mapped the area in the 19th century – Gordon, Woodhouse, Thomas and Jackson. Clearly visible from the surface each reef can be dived in a number of ways and offers a host of different attractions to divers.

Currents can be unpredictable and steep drop offs mean that many of the dives require a level of diving competence. The extraordinary diversity of corals, regular shark sightings, turtle encounters and abundance of reef fish make every dive in this region a delight.

The two wrecks sitting atop the reefs of Gordon and Jackson reefs serve as a warning to skippers navigating the narrow straits between Tiran Island and the mainland.