The Temple is located on the north side of Sharm El Sheikh’s main Jetty. It is a group of three pinnacles rising up from 18m below almost up to the surface.

This flat sloping reef with its three main pinnacles, relatively mild currents and shelter from the wind, offers divers a perfect spot to begin or end their diving safari. The largest of the pinnacles is “the tower” but all three offer a surprisingly rich diversity of reef dwellers and have much to offer the photography enthusiast.

Coral growth throughout the site is good, with a density and mix of species hard to beat in the surrounding area. There are lionfish all around, as well as stonefish that do not move and are superbly camouflaged. Around the pinnacles are schools of glass sweepers that move together with their territorial red mouth grouper guardians.

Because of the sheltered conditions and lack of current, this is a very popular night dive sight.