In April 1983, the Giannis D was loaded with sawn softwood at the Croatian port of Rijeka, part of this cargo was destined for the Saudi Arabian Port of Jeddah, with the remainder to be off-loaded at Hodeidah on the coast of Yemen.

As it made its voyage the Giannis D was now in the upper reaches of the Gulf of Suez – a long narrow stretch of water festooned with small islands and Coral Reefs. Islands, no matter how small are at least visible from the surface, coral reefs on the other hand can be dangerously hidden. Lurking menacingly below the water reefs can rip the hull from a careless vessel; as many a captain has discovered to their cost. The captain of the Giannis D was momentarily distracted and paid the price with the loss of his ship to the unseen coral outcrops.

Fortunately the crew had sufficient time to safely disembark onto a passing ship before the boat actually came to rest at 27 metres. She now sits at a 45 degree angle and with the fantastic visibility of the area it makes an impressive dive. Prevalent rough seas mean that she is only really accessible from the zodiac of safari boats.