The Dunraven was built in 1873 in Newcastle and was on its way to Bombay when it hit the reef in 1876. Sinking to a depth of 30 metres she sank right next to the reef wall and lies upside down, broken into two sections. Prior to sinking the ship caught on fire and destroyed its cargo of cotton and timber. The origin of this 85 metre long, 10 metre wide ship was the cause of a great speculation amongst divers and historians, be sure to listen to your expert guide as they reveal the secrets of the Dunraven.

The stern section sits in about 29 metres of water and for those wishing to venture inside the ship there are 3 different entry points. Divers tend to enter around the stern and exit in the mid ship area where grouper, glassfish and lion fish are abundant.

Swimming around the bow divers then get to take a look at the coral encrusted hull, finishing up on the reef wall where there are normally an incredible number of stonefish.

This site sits an hours boat ride from Ras Mohamed and being exposed to the winds the seas may get a little rough. Once at Beacon rock there is some protection offered by the reef from the waves although it can be a little rough. Normally VIPOne will moor inside the calm lagoon area and divers will be transported for dives by the hardy on board zodiac.